Roof tape - Superior sealing tape

Thin tape, does not tear.
Very good adhesion.
Water and windproof.

Roll Length Roll Width
10 m 50 mm
10 m 100 mm
10 m 150 mm


  • A cold-bonding aluminium sealing tape for general use.
  • Consists of a laminated aluminium support, composed of 2 thin layers of aluminium with between them a polyethylene film, and a tack coat of modified butyl rubber, covered with a protective film.
  • Advantages:
    • very high tear resistance
    • very flexible and easy to apply
    • very high initial tack to most building materials
    • overpaintable
    • UV-resistant

Why use Roof tape?

  • Ideal for lead repairs.
  • Sealing verandas.
  • Adheres perfectly to concrete, stone facing, lead, zinc, steel, aluminium, lacquer work, roofing and glass.
  • Sealing of drain pipes.


  • Application temperature between +5°C and +40°C.
  • Apply to a clean, dry and stable surface.
  • Cut off to the desired length and remove protective film.
  • Apply without leaving air bubbles and press down firmly.

Roof tape

Superior sealing tape
  • Support: laminated aluminium film reinforced with P.E.
  • Adhesive mass: modified butyl rubber.
  • Thickness: 0,7 mm.
  • Specific weight: 1050 gr/m².
  • Resistance:
    • temperature: -30°C to +100 °C.
    • water: excellent.
    • U.V.: very good.
    • solvent: not resistant.
  • Shelf life: cool and dry: 1 year.