GT7 - Unique multi-spray of top quality!

Professional multispray:

  1. Contact spray
  2. Penetrating oil
  3. Moisture repellent
  4. Corrosion resistant cleaner
  5. Protection
  6. Protective agent
  7. Silicone-free lubricant
200 ml aerosol
400 ml aerosol
600 ml aerosol


Moisture repellent

GT7 repels moisture super-fast due to its extremely low surface tension and strong penetrating properties..
GT7 fights rust very quickly by breaking up the rust crystals and through its cold-shrinking effect.

Penetrating oil

GT7 has a strong penetrating ability, so that it can penetrate into even microscopically small openings. GT7 penetrates under the old grease layer, where it goes to work. GT7 has unblocking properties.


GT7 stops creaks and squeaks in a jiffy. GT7 is an ideal lubricant for fine mechanical and electrical components.

Contact spray

GT7 detaches oxidation and, thanks to its strong penetrating ability, is the ideal contact spray on electrical installations, home appliances, battery clips, distribution boxes, etc.


GT7 cleans pneumatic tools, cylinder locks, deposits of tar, grease, brake fluid, etc.

Protective agent

GT7 fills in all small irregularities and pores and creates a long-lasting, transparent and moisture-repelling layer.



Unique multi-spray of top quality!
  • Boiling point: 187°C – 211°C.
  • Vapour pressure at 20°C, Pa: 100.
  • Relative density at 20°C: 0.808.
  • Physical state at 20°C: liquid.
  • Flash point: 67°C.
  • Spontaneous ignition: 255°C.
  • Water solubility: insoluble.
  • Dynamic viscosity at 20°C: 1 mPa.s.
  • Kinematic viscosity at 20°C: 1 mPa.s.
  • Protective period: 8-12 months, the duration of the protection can be extended by regularly applying GT7. Outdoors this protective period can change, depending on the weather conditions.
  • Shelf life: 3 years.