Scarabee - Removes stubborn soiling

Tec7 Scarabee is a double sided powerful cleaning pad/scourer that removes stubborn stains. The pad when used with other cleaning products, gently removes stubborn stains while the scourer gently helps remove most stubborn stains that need a little more persuasion from most hard surfaces in a flash.


  • Removes stubborn soiling.
  • In combination with Tec7 cleaners.
  • Can be reused up to 5 times.

Why use Scarabee?

Suitable for e.g. washable wall paints, lacquer, laminate, floor tiles, furniture, windows and doors, bathroom, kitchen, woodwork, garden furniture, etc.


Slightly moisten the Scarabee and use the specified Tec7 cleaning product for cleaning down into the pores.

Always first check the substrate for resistance in a place that is hardly or not visible.


Removes stubborn soiling
  • Colour: white and blue.
  • Composition: compressed melamine.
  • Dimensions: 110x60x30mm.
  • Weight: 4 g.